We are pleased to invite you to the 5-th automotofestival ”Girvas” 20-th of July 2013.

This year the festival took possession of the pirates! Gentlemens of Fortune have made adjustments to the program of the festival: in the first place, they plan to raise the camp "Jolly Roger"

Full participants of "Girvas" are clubs, vintage cars, airbrush studios. And, of course, a large number of spectators who come sometimes for hundreds of miles to relax in a wonderful place of nature, look at the cars and take part in competitions.

And in the end of the day everyone is waiting for a rock concert. A great program for a summer weekend.

Source: information and photos belongs to the official festival website www.autogirvas.ru

For more information contact us by E-mail: autogirvas@yandex.ru

How to get there:

From Petrozavodsk on the federal highway "Kola" to the north, passing Kondopoga, to the intersection with a turn on Girvas. There is a large road sign. Near the intersection there is a gas station. After turning the need to move a few kilometers towards the village Girvas. Over half a mile to the village will stand markings festival and pointers that will help to focus on forest roads. Total mileage from Petrozavodsk to Girvas is 101 kilometers.

Coordinates: 62 30,208 / 33 43,065


English text: Unknown Russia / http://runknown.com/off-road-fest-girvas-in-karelia-2013