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What is off-road fest "GIRVAS"?

Dear friends!
We are pleased to invite you to the automotofestival ”Girvas” 21-th of July 2012. “Girvas” is the biggest auto show in Karelia. The core of the festival is an off-road contest: sand race, trial in the Suna river and orientation in the forests nearby the Palye-ozero lake. In addition we introduce a new contest category for viewers “Spectators”.
“Girvas” is a family event, so moreover there is an entertainment for both adults and children: K9 demonstration, ATV driving, test-drives, concert of Karelian bands etc. You can taste local food at the “Karelian cuisine” restaurant.
Festival lasts one day but contestants usually stay at camping for some days after the competition fishing and swimming and having rest. The local weather in July is fine.
For more information contact us by E-mail: autogirvas@yandex.ru
GPS coordinates of our camp: 62 30,208 / 33 43,065

Watch our photogallery.

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